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You're Everything I Need

You're Everything I Need

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Losing my wife wrecked me – only my little girl pulled me through.

She found Lexi for me too.

Ran up to her in the park calling her “mommy.”

My heart nearly broke. 

Then it started pounding.

Flaming red hair and blue eyes I could drown in.

The spitting image of the woman I lost.

I can’t risk losing Lexi too.

Perks of being a millionaire – I gave her a job.

Disadvantages – she’s making my mind go to places it shouldn’t.

Places that make my breath catch and my body hot.

She wants me too – I see it in those perfect eyes.

But we’re both hiding secrets, and one of them is big.

So big it means this romance is forbidden.

We have to let go, but it’s tearing me apart.

Can facing our pasts, and the dangers they bring, give us a second chance?