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On paper, I’m a firefighter. 

But my real profession?

F*cking girls until they scream my name. 

I’d never really noticed Molly Peters, the shy, chubby friend of my obnoxious little sister. 

Until one day she walks down that street, dressed to kill.  

Her voluptuous curves and that s*xy a$$ are begging me to take her. 

She’s so damn forbidden, but I want a taste of her. 

And when I learn that she’s a virgin, I pledge that I will be the only one to claim her.

I have no time for love. 

A night of fun where I get to pop her cherry is not a bad idea after all.  

I will teach her things that she’s never known before, take her to places she’s never been before. 

But Molly’s trying to teach me a thing too.  

Wait…I said I have no time for love.