The Promise –
The Promise

The Promise

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Lydia Burns…so damn gorgeous…

My heart stops a beat whenever I see you,

You are the girl of my dreams,

And I’ve always loved you. 

So what, if you don’t know it already!

So what, if I have to break all rules to make you mine!

I am Jamie Vardi – son of the richest, best known family in town,

But my dreams are simple.

And that’s what my dad hates,

Urgh…the Vardi family!

Dad has his own rules...I can’t fall for someone without a name and fame,

And he’s tied those to my inheritance. 

He feels Lydia is somewhat too posh to push!

But how do I resist when Lydia starts working for him,

A crush is now starting to convert to love.

And I am prepared to break all rules.

After all, I have made Lydia the promise to make her mine forever!