The One Who Got Away –
The One Who Got Away

The One Who Got Away

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Five years ago, I gave myself to him.

Now he's back to claim me.

My family hates him, but I don't care.

This time, he's not getting away.

I never should have slept with Leah.

She was hot, she was begging for it... 

She was my best friend's little sister.

If he finds out he'll destroy me,

But Leah's worth destruction.

I still remember her curves, her kisses...

The way her body melted against mine.

One taste just wasn't enough. I want more.

Her family thinks I'm a spoiled rich boy who likes to play with motorcycles. 

All I want to play with is Leah. 

She thinks I don't know about the child she's carrying inside her.

But I know everything, and I protect what's mine.

I'll prove to her and everyone else that this time, 

I'm playing for keeps.