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Tempt Me

Tempt Me

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SECRETS need to be kept when so much is at stake!

Will they still give in to the temptation?

Evan Debroils 

He has it all…money, women and a successful business.

He’s living the dream!

At least, that’s what it seems to the outside world.

But, in reality, his life is on a very shaky foundation!

Being a single dad to 6 years old Liam isn’t easy

Especially when memories of losing Victoria before our wedding still seem so fresh!

Katy Atwater 

She worked herself to the bone to become the partner in a law firm.

She’s missed out on having any social life.

Romance seemed an alien thing.

But, none of that bothers her as long as she achieves her goal…

At least, that’s what she thinks.

When fate brings them to work together, neither expect sparks to fly.

But, soon their feelings get stronger and… 

Its time, they decide if risking everything might be worth!