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Seduced By Two

Seduced By Two

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My whole life, I’ve been a perfect little goody two-shoes. Even at twenty-two years old, I had a life no more exciting than most preteens. My mom and her husband, Dean, made sure that I was sheltered, safe, and incredibly boring.

Maybe it was because Dean’s son Andrew had always been a little on the wild side. Dean was five years older than me, so I never really got to see how Andrew acted when he was young. But now, he wasn’t welcome in Mom and Dean’s house. Maybe, he was a complete bad boy and rebel. He was so dark and sexy, with messy hair, wild eyes, and a grin that could break the most frigid of hearts.

And another thing about Andrew?

I had a hopeless, helpless crush on him.

When I got in a fight with my mom about visiting Boston for a weekend and staying with a girlfriend, I decided that I’d had enough of her rules. But sneaking out didn’t earn me any extra points…instead, Mom decided that I wouldn’t be allowed back inside of her house until I was able to respect her.

I didn’t have anyone else to turn to.

I had to call Andrew.

When Andrew brought me back to his house, my whole life changed. But would I come out on top and stronger than ever?

Or would Andrew be the man to break my heart?