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Going Deep (Book 3 of 3)

Going Deep (Book 3 of 3)

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Getting down, dirty and deep is what I do best. 

Because I’m an undercover cop & a bad boy at heart

Let’s just say that women love to get under the covers with me

Especially when they know what I’m packing in my jeans…

I’m all set to take down the South Side Gang

I’ve got Richie Silvestri in my sights

All I gotta do is wait, watch, listen, then make my move

It should be just another day in the life of Detective Danny O’Shea

But then she comes: Hannah, Richie’s little sister

She’s the finest piece of a$$ I’ve ever seen

She is smoking hot with a mouth to watch

And all I now think of is burying myself between her thighs

But Hannah is a tough nut to crack

It’s going to take more than my bad boy charm to get those legs spread

But I’ll keep working her, cause that’s what I do

And once I taste her, the whole South Side will explode into flames

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paula gaumer tooke
The Saga of Tiffany and Jason

This is Book #3 in the series. I wish all three had been combined into one book. That being said, Mia does a good job with the cliffhangers on Book one and Book 2.

Book 1 was my favorite. I think because it was fresh. As I read book 2 it seemed like I knew what was going to happen.

When Book 3 came along I Figured it would have a happy ending. Again, that being said I wanted to know how she got around to what happens in the epilogue.

If you have read Book 1, you really need to see how the plot works out in Books 2 and 3. I know I needed to see how everything had ended and what they had to go through to get there.

Now, I'd like to read a book on Jordan. I think he has a lot of layers to delve into.