Filthy Dirty Brother –
Filthy Dirty Brother

Filthy Dirty Brother

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I’m so totally screwed. The hottest man I’ve ever seen just came onto me.

And he’s my cousin.

I never meant to be so naughty.

It started as a game.

My cousin tried to get me into bed, and I put him in his place.

Turns out his place is with me.

I couldn’t say no to that jazzy voice and sculpted body. His abs are hotter than California asphalt, and the second he touched me I turned to goo.

But our parents are gonna murder us. Especially when they find out I’m pregnant.

Sam’s music won’t pay our rent, and his family’s billions won’t help if his accounts are frozen.

There’s no way out of this, so we’ll just have to keep our secret.

But Sam’s done with secrets. He’s ready to tell, even if the crud hits the fan.

I just wish I knew where it would fall.