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Falling in Love Again

Falling in Love Again

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My cheating bitch of an ex-wife broke my heart.

I’m never letting a woman fuck with it again.

I’m all about the job now. 

Getting my work done, making money.

That’s why I bought out my competitor.

And found myself working with Raelyn Owens.

I don’t want to be around her…

But my body’s telling a different story.

You could melt steel with the heat between us.

A couple of late nights in the office and we’re having sex on my desk.

The sparks should have set the fire alarms off!

But it’s lust, not love, ok?

I can’t let her get that close. 

Close enough to hurt.

But maybe fate’s not going to give me the choice.

Will it take facing the pain of losing Raelyn for good…

To make me understand she’s the one?

My one true valentine.