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Dirty Daddy

Dirty Daddy

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

After one weekend in Vegas, nothing will ever be the same again.

I am going to take her and make her mine – forever! 

There’s just one problem - she’s my best friend’s daughter. 

Emily grew up in front of me, 

And it’s so wrong of me to think of her ‘that’ way. 

The sweet teenager has grown into a woman now, 

And no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist her. 

I’ve a plan

Take her to Vegas

Give her a taste of how I can make her feel…




And after I’ve finished

I know that she’ll be begging for more

I want her to be my submissive

I want her to be mine.

But this could break something so dear to me. 

It’s a risk that I’m willing to take,

For the only girl that I need on her knees begging me take her.

Emily baby, Daddy’s coming for you, and this time there’s no turning back.