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Dad's Best Friend

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Losing my parents was one of the hardest things that I’d ever been through. I was just a teenager and needed my mom. Through legal paperwork as well as love, I went to live with Dad’s best friend, Perry Adams. 

They were friends since grade school, and I didn’t know anyone better than Perry. It was perfect.

Then came the years when I grew older and more aware of hormones and emotions. I knew it was wrong to want to sleep with a man that was twice my age as well as such a close member of my family. 

It just got harder, though. I knew so many guys at school that would take care of my needs, but they were crass and immature.

They weren’t Perry. 

Before I knew it, I was graduating from college and more attracted to him. He suggested a trip together to celebrate, and I agreed, with no intentions of anything happening between us. 

Then there was a kiss, and we couldn’t stop it.

Was there a future for Perry and me?

Could we get past all the wrongs in our relationship?

Could I start my life without him in it now that I didn’t have to stay?