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Come For Me

Come For Me

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She left me. Married another man and ripped my heart out.

Now she's back and begging for my help.

No way am I getting involved. Except I already am.


Her name still makes my head buzz.

We were in love, or so I thought.

But she broke my heart.

I made the army my home and tried to forget her fresh floral scent.

Her heart-pounding beauty.

The fool who stole her from me.

I thought I'd succeeded.

Until I got the call.

"Jayden, I need your help."

What could I say?

It's been years since Savannah begged me for anything.

Her child is missing.

The cops think he's dead.

Her husband thinks she's depressed. Crazy.

Maybe she is.

I won't stop until I find out the truth.

The man who stole her son will pay.

And just maybe Savannah and I can fix what we used to have.