Claimed (Book 1 of 3) –
Claimed (Book 1 of 3)

Claimed (Book 1 of 3)

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I have only days to find a wife. 

Claiming any woman is not a problem if you have deep pockets

My parents want me to be married,

And this time it's an ultimatum. 

With both the royal line and my freedom at stake,

I don't have a choice but to find the 'right kinda girl.' 

Someone who is okay to put up this pretence. 

Someone who doesn't object to my playboy lifestyle. 

And then I meet Adrianna

A sassy as hell free-spirited stripper. 

One casual hit leads to 

An indecent proposal for a fake marriage turning my world upside down  

And I plant my seed inside her. 

Alright, it was an accident, but what now!

My dilemma: Is she really the 'right kinda girl.' The kind I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

With love, betrayal, sex, and power, this book will take you for a ride through a modern-day adult fairy tale.

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Desired and taken

I always know I will have a book to dive into with these authors. This book is to be read and enjoyed. I recommend reading it.

Love books

Read it for yourself


Haven't read it yet

Excellent book

This book is excellent and there is nothing to complaint! You can't get tired reading anything written by this author!!!

Claimed - A Good Story

Claimed was a great introduction in the characters of Club Sin a BDSM romance. The interactions between Dimitri the owner and Presley a friend of Cora who is a member of the club were written well in this genre. Presley who just got out of a bad relationship reads romance books about BDSM so when her friend Cora invites her to Club Sin to check it out she meets Dimitri. Dimitri is taken with Presley and teaches her what a sub is to a dom. but along the way feelings for each other grow. What happens when Presley's ex return back on the scene? I did feel that Dimitri was a little overhanded for a women who is just beginning the lifestyle of a sub, hence the minus one star. The characters introduce in this book were well rounded and the Club was quite detailed. Overall I enjoyed reading their story.