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I had chosen the mountains for a reason. 

I was convinced that any human connection was a black hole.

Yet, this girl made me want to take that leap all over again and I couldn’t figure out why.

Carrie is a college student, looking for adventure in the North Carolina mountains. She thinks she has everything planned out and is excited about her trip, though little does she know that she has no idea what this trip will entail.

Johnathan lives alone in the mountainside. He is a loner, who has written off humanity, but when his path ends up crossing with a woman who needs his help, he will have to force himself to rekindle a sense of decency, at least for the woman, if not for anyone else.

However, things take an unexpected turn when the two starts to enjoy each other’s company and that company eventually heats up.

Can Carrie help Johnathan break through his trust issues to regain his life and carry on within normal society?

OR Is this simply a fling for two people brought together by unlikely circumstances?