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She's broken and scared.

She thinks it is easy to walk away.

What she doesn't know is how HARD those curves are making me.

Here seductive eyes lock with mine and its GAME OVER.

It's decided. I am buying her V-card today.

The problem: Seems like I wanna spend more than one night with her.

This is my first time participating into this kinda thing.

There must be a reason they call it - THE V*RGIN AUCTION.

I am really not the kind to get into relationships.

Relationships are....let's say complicated.

I would rather have the girl at my mercy, begging for more and screaming my name tied on to my bed.

And then I walk away - always.

I never f*ck the same woman twice.

But she seems to be different.

Those s*xy eyes, tiny waist and breathtaking curves make me break all my rules. 

I want to own her pleasure - forever.

But first I have to win her trust.

They say relationship is not a bad thing after all, is it?