Accidental Kiss –
Accidental Kiss
Accidental Kiss

Accidental Kiss

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We had two choices: live a lie forever or get killed. 

Libby Norris

Beautiful, fun loving, intelligent, kind, s@xy. 

My son’s play school teacher.

The only woman who stole my heart after my wife’s death,

And also, the woman who doesn’t know my biggest secret. 

One kiss was all it took. 

One kiss and I was hooked. 

I want to get lost in those beautiful eyes and that charming smile – forever. 

But Libby’s acting all sassy and doesn’t have any time for romance. 

I guess it’s time I teach her the ropes of the game. 

But her mafia connection? 

F*ck it, I’ll do all it takes to win her heart and soul!

Libby baby, I am coming for you, 

And I’ll do anything to protect you.

After all, who said love was an easy game to play!