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Dark Desires - A 4 Book Romance Boxed Set

Dark Desires - A 4 Book Romance Boxed Set

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A collection of 4 full length bad boy novels that are hot, steamy, and down right addicting!!!!!! This is surely gonna make your winter feel hotter!!!!


I never thought I’d sleep with the man who murdered my fiancé…it wasn’t just a one-night-stand…

Alessio was more than just a crime boss…strong and tough, the kind of passionate man I’d always wanted. 

But I had to testify against him…and if I didn’t, I’d never be able to seek revenge.

Alessio told me he’d changed. 

But I never expected my heart to change. 

What was going to happen now? 


I’d gone undercover before, but never with the intention of getting a suspect into my bed.  

That’s how hot Sean O’Connor was.  

A criminal and yet the hottest crook I’d ever seen…so sexy he makes my mouth water and my panties melt.

I wanted to cuff him to my bed and make him sing like a bird.

But it’s hard to slap the cuffs on a guy when his tongue is in your ear and his arms are wrapped around you so tight you can barely breathe.

I know if I’m not careful, he might steal my heart and run.

I can’t let that happen. 

I’m a cop and he’s a crook.

And when it comes down to the wire, Sean O’Connor is going down, no matter the cost. 

Rescue Me

I love my life the way it is. 

No commitments, no heartbreaks!

That’s until Josie enters my life. 

One look at those perfectly structured curves and legs that could go on forever, 

And I’m hooked. 

But things are not as simple as they seem. 

Josie and Blaine – they say we’re made for each other. 

Until death, mayhem, trickery, and suspense follows us down what appears to be a dead-end road. 

But guess what…

I found a new purpose to my life – Protecting Josie. 

And this time, I am not letting her go…

Fatal Attraction

Pregnant. A baby. A lifelong commitment. Seems fu@king serious. 

Well, I don’t do commitments.

I believe in fun and one night stands.

And that was supposed to be just one such night.

But now, I can’t stop thinking about her.

Maybe it’s time for a change…

Her perfect skin, those sparkling blue eyes, and that captivating smile.

Let’s just call her irresistible;

My brain says no but my heart wants to take control, 

And that’s how she enters my world. 

A world where fighting criminals is a routine. 

But soon it got too dangerous.

Someone wants me dead.

They don’t care whom they take along the way.

Even if it’s Cici or our baby;

Now, all I know is I have two lives to protect.

I need to bring that smile back on her face and make her happy.

And no one can prevent that from happening. Absolutely no one!