Billionaire Bad Boys - A 3 Book Boxed Set –
Billionaire Bad Boys - A 3 Book Boxed Set

Billionaire Bad Boys - A 3 Book Boxed Set

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Book 1 - Falling for Her

Fay is s*x on heels, smart and sassy and has a cherry just for me. 

I am determined to claim her, make her mine. 

Just that I will have to take it one day (or should we say, night) at a time? 

Would she risk her everything for a man who could leave her anytime?

Would she risk falling in love with a man who doesn't believe in love?

Book 2 - Desire

My family hates her. Her family hates me right back.

Flora and I don't need their approval.

I love her, and I'm not letting go. No matter what.

She came from nothing, and she made her life as big as her dreams.

But sometimes I wonder if her dreams are taking her away from me. 

The further ahead she gets, the more it feels like she's leaving me behind.

But I won't let her go. If she runs, I'll follow.

I'll prove both our families wrong, and show them that our love is meant to last.

Flora's mine, even if she doesn't always know it.

Book 3 - Fake It

Oh, Sophia baby, 

You were just supposed to carry my baby. 

And now, you’ve stolen my heart. 

What am I going to do? 

Well, I’ll fake it till we make it! 

You are mine and mine forever, 

And I won’t let you go – not so easily!

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ruthenia dillon

so far, so goood!