The Valentines Day Proposal (Book 1 of 3) –
The Valentines Day Proposal (Book 1 of 3)

The Valentines Day Proposal (Book 1 of 3)

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He’s the heartbreaker from my past, 

Begging for a second chance. 

And I am already dreaming about a future! 

A future with him…

When Brandon left me a few years back, 

I swore to God, I won’t fall for any man – no matter how handsome and nice he may seem.

After healing from a broken heart,

I was happy with my little world, 

Until the handsome stranger showed up in my small town, 

And turned my world upside down. 

All I could do was think about the wonderful time we had together, 

The way his lips felt on my body, 

The way his hands comforted my shoulders, 

The way his eyes scanned my curves…

It took a lot of time and effort to forget him. 

And now, when I’m convinced that I’m done with Brandon, fate brings us together again. 

Just that, this time I’m not letting him break my heart all over again.  

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Ramona Hauger
Valentine's Day Proposal- Enjoyable Story

This story is about Brandon and Lola. Lola is struggling running the family farm and taking care of her father who has MS. To escape the pressures of life, Lola sings at the local bar. Brandon is overseeing a construction job of his fathers' in town and visits the bar that Lola is singing in. Brandon becomes entrance by Lola and they have a passionate night. Brandon and Lola feelings deepen but when Brandon's father calls for a update about the progress, they have a fight and Brandon leaves. Years later Brandon they meet again, will Lola open her heart to Brandon? This is a enjoyable well written romance story. ARC

denis wright

I never received the book, or any of the others in that order. Tried to find a download link on the home page but was unsuccessful.

Beverly Betters

The Valentines Day Proposal (Book 1 of 3)

Elsie Pitt
Bella gives so good!

I LOVE this author! She writes one extremely erotic suspense! This book had me on the edge of my seat. Not only does she write so Eloquently and with so MUCH, but you can honestly say while reading any of her books your in for RIDING LIGHTNING!
Brandon and Lola....AHH...and that is how I feel.....Just sit back and Enjoy....I DID!!!

April Kunze

Excellent book