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Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Kisses

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My man promised me to give me everything.

Reality…I was a victim to an abusive marriage, 

And I ran away with my 22-year-old daughter to a new city, to start a new life, give my daughter the happiness she deserves and make things right for her.

I did miss that perfect man in my life, 

Then came Deacon,

A Single Dad and father to my daughter’s best friend at college.

But he was arrogant and cocky,

It was so wrong to think of him that way…

I knew it would be all trouble

I could lose my daughter…the only person I had in my life!

And I was hiding a big secret. 

Then, why was I so naive to think Deacon was my perfect present this Christmas?

Should I give my life another shot at love?

Would our daughters accept us?

What if he finds out my big secret and would he be the one who would protect me from the big danger that I’ve gotten myself into?